Following a decision at a special General Meeting on Sunday, 12 May by the membership of Disability Recreation and Sport SA (DRSSA) to wind up the organisation and enter into liquidation, immediate assistance is being provided by DSA to DRSSA members. 

DSA CEO, Jenni Cole, who has been working closely with DRSSA said, "We have been unable to make any public statements until a DRSSA Board decision has been reached. While we hoped for DRSSA to be able to continue, we were working to safeguard core programs and minimise any potential impact on people with a disability is South Australia."

"We have been working with DRSSA to identify the key people and programs and have already commenced working directly with several sports."

DSA is committed to supporting key programs in SA, including Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Aussie Rules, Disability Lawn Bowls, Wheelchair Basketball and RaceRunning.

In late May 2019, DSA officially took on the licence for the West Adelaide Thunder Wheelchair Basketball team ensuring their participation in the 2019 National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL).

For more information about DSA's support, please read their statement here or if you have any further questions, please email

To get involved in sport and recreation, please contact either:

Please see below a list of a range of sports and key contacts for each sport in SA. If you would like to learn more about about any of the sports listed, or if a sport is not listed, please use the contact form below to make an enquiry.


Wheelchair Basketball

Social Basketball
Wheelchair Basketball is one of the most popular sports for athletes with a disability, and is a lot of fun to play. It’s a great team sport that can help build strength, teamwork, coordination and skill, develop new friendships, and build fitness.

A social basketball competition is run on Tuesday nights through the year, in both a Summer/Autumn Season and Winter/Spring Season. It’s open to anyone who is able to push a manual wheelchair – if you have limitations in running, jumping and pivoting, wheelchair basketball might be the sport for you! You don’t need to use a wheelchair every day to be eligible to play, and able-bods are welcome to play too – so bring your parents, friends, and family! We are always welcoming new players, coaches, referees and officials, so if you’re keen to get involved – get in contact with us!

Contact: Jessie Miller
P: 0428 641 867

U23’s Junior Basketball
A new Under 23’s junior basketball program is run on Sunday mornings from 10am at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. There is a small group (of 6) who train regularly, and are coached by David Gould (Adelaide Thunder coach) and Lachlan Coppick (West Adelaide Bearcats).

Contacts: David Gould
P: 0432 150 190

Lachlan Coppick
P: 0408 244 668

West Adelaide Thunder
The West Adelaide Thunder, the state team representing South Australia in the National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL). After a hiatus from the National League, the team returned to the competition in 2017 and has competed fiercely for the past two years. Looking to 2019 the Thunder has laid the foundations for a successful campaign. The team has become unified and determined under the leadership of Captain Jay Dohnt and experienced player Adam Roocke. Players train twice a week in the evening.

Contacts: David Gould
P: 0432 150 190

Lachlan Coppick
P: 0408 244 668

Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby is an intense, physical team sport for male and female athletes with spinal cord or nerve damage (quadriplegia or tetraplegia). Exciting for both players and spectators alike, it incorporates elements of several sports including ice hockey style checking, the ball movement of basketball, the scoring of rugby and the use of a volleyball.

The game is played on a hardwood basketball court over four, 8 minute quarters as two teams battle it out using specially designed wheelchairs to crash, block and trap their opponents in attempts to stop them scoring a goal. A goal is scored when a player crosses the opposition’s goal line with possession of the ball. The ball can be carried, dribbled, or passed in any way, as long as it is bounced at least once every 10 seconds.

Local games are hosted on Wednesday nights from 5 – 7pm at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre Gym which’re open to everyone to spectate or participate in. We’re always looking for new players, referees and volunteers!

For any enquiries about how to participate please contact and we can direct you to the best contact!

Wheelchair Aussie Rules

Wheelchair Aussie Rules is an adapted version of the AFL, and was first played in 2016. DRSSA runs a winter program for Wheelchair Aussie Rules, from May to September on Sundays. The program is open to anyone regardless of ability, age or gender. Family and friends are encouraged to come along and play too.

The SA state team, the Rolling Stars State Wheelchair Footy team, have won the National Championships in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

For any enquiries about how to participate please contact and we can direct you to the best contact!

Lawn Bowls

The SA state disability lawn bowls team is called the SA Wombats. This team is made up of a number of players with a range of different disabilities. They all play at their own clubs in pennant bowls against able bodied players and then come together for the state championships held in January each year.

For any enquiries about how to participate please contact and we can direct you to the best contact!

Other Programs

Active Kids

Active Kids is a program designed for young children with disabilities who use both manual and electric wheelchairs to participate in activities including balloon soccer and powerchair football. Participants will also receive training including driving and equipment skills in a fun environment, allowing participants to learn team work and make new friendships.

The program offers a great opportunity for informal competitive sports play and skills training for all. It will provide a safe social platform to build bonds and friendships in a team environment. Active Kids can also be an avenue for those who want to progress with these sports, both with our local competition Push and Powered Sports Association (PAPSA) and our national competition, National Electric Wheelchair Sports (NEWS).


The SA golf group is called the No Handicap Golf Club. They meet at Thaxted Park Golf Club every second Sunday. They do clinics with a pro coach and on course days where they go and play 9 holes. It is open to any disability; physical or intellectual; and the group currently consists of amputees, autism, stroke, spinal injuries etc.

Please contact Berni Barry as for more information!

All Other enquiries

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