This sport is open to athletes with a limb loss / limb deficiency, cerebral palsy / brain injury, vision impairment, spinal and nerve injuries and other physical impairments.  The objective is for athletes to compete on a set course and post the fastest time.

How to Sail

There are different classes for para-sailing. These are single-person and three-person keelboats which are open to most impairment groups.  Also the two-person keelboat event is specifically designed for athletes with a severe impairment.

Basic Rules of Sailing

Please click here to download the Rule Book from Yachting Australia that is used at national/international events.

Who can Sail

Impairment Type

To be eligible for sailing the athlete must have a vision impairment, physical impairment or intellectual impairment.  Athletes must have a classification to compete.


Every sailor is classified based on his or her functional ability.  The classes are as follows:

Classes 1 – 7: Athletes with a physical disability or vision impairment are assessed on their functional ability and given a classification point ranging between 1 and 7.  Points are given from 1 (maximum impairment) to 7 (minimum impairment) for the individual sailor.  Sailors with a vision impairment are placed into one of three competition classes (3,5 or 7), based on their visual acuity and field of vision as per the IBSA assessment

How Do I Get Classified?

In order for an athlete to be classified they must first register as a member with their local association. The athlete will then demonstrate the skills and movements required to compete in athletics and these will be assessed by approved classifiers who will determine the most appropriate class.  Other factors including the athlete’s medical history are also taken into account during classification.

Get Involved

Sailing is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle whether it be physically or socially. There are clubs all around Australia, which welcome athletes of all ages and both genders. Opportunities are also available for athletes to progress through representative levels whether it be local, state or national.

Where Is it Played

Every state has a local sailing program which is open to players of all skill levels. To start playing, contact your state affiliation listed in “Who Runs The Sport”.

Athlete Pathway

Click here to view the sailing athlete pathway.

To find out more about the competition pathway please the state office listed below under “Who runs the Sport”.

Become an Official

There are 4 main types of officials in sailing. They work on the different levels of competition; these are club officials, state officials, national officials and international officials.  To become a Yachting Australia Official the individual must pass the accreditation course.  More information on how to register can be found at your local state’s association.

Become a Classifier

To be eligible to commence training as a classifier, the individual must meet the following prerequisites:

Medical Classifiers: Currently registered medical professional (physiotherapist or medical doctor); with minimum 5 years clinical experience with people with physical disabilities; OR; Currently registered Ophthalmic professional (Orthoptist, Ophthalmologist) with minimum 5 years clinical experience with people with low vision. Individuals must be based in one of the major Low Vision Centres in Australia.

Technical Classifiers: Must hold a Bachelor of Master degree in sport science/kinesiology/human movement science or other equivalent; as well as hold additional sports specific qualifications including coaching or sport specific study.

All individuals must have a strong understanding of sailing and para-sailing.

To find out more about the classifier pathway contact the Australian Paralympic Committee via email or phone +61 2 9704 0500.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is a vital component of para-sailing’s success at all levels of competition.  Associations all throughout Australia are continuously looking for volunteers in a variety of roles anywhere from coaching to event management.

If you are interested contact your local or state association for information on how to help out.



Please contact your state office (listed in “Who Runs The Sport” section below) for details about up-coming state and local competitions.


Please visit our events page for any upcoming Australian events. 

UpCOMING International EVENTS

Please visit our events page for any upcoming International events. 



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Get in Contact

For all inquiries regarding para-sailing in Australia contact Yachting Australia:
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Intro to Para-Sailing from Australian Paralympic Committee


International Rule Book from Yachting Australia