Supporter Spotlight - Para Mobility

Proudly part of the DNW Group, one of the founding members of the DSA Supporters Club, Para Mobility has been leading the way in Australian Made and manufactured specialised disability equipment for the home, workplace, transport, exercise, leisure, or rehabilitation needs.

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Para Mobility was founded in 1983 to make everyday living easier for those who need accessibility solutions in their own homes, workplaces and communities and regularly support able-bodied people in their rehabilitation, who are temporarily injured, all the way through to Para Athletes or people in wheelchairs looking for more independence.

Since then their disability equipment has made a significant contribution to facilitate inclusiveness in public spaces, commercial environments such as shopping centres and hotels and for consumers in residential developments in keeping with Building Code (Access to Premises) requirements in the Disability Discrimination Act.

Para Mobility General Manager, Sally Farrow, says the company is proud to be one of the few Australian Made and owned manufacturers in the disability sector “We truly listen to what our customers need and subsequently design customised, tailored lifting, mobility and access solutions that enable more freedom and independence” 

Para Mobility’s market-leading products are found in a range of sporting venues, Aquatic & leisure centres, Gyms, Rehab hospitals such as Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Sea World, Wet n Wild Sydney, Westmead Hospital and the Sydney Children’s Hospital, just to name a few.

A recent project undertaken to ensure elite Para Athletes at the Commonwealth Games in QLD are supported in 2018, involved the installation of 4 Para Mobility pool hoists.

Successful commercial Pool builder Josh Torrance of Torrance Aquatics built the 4 pools at Parklands Project, the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village, and for him, choosing another 100% Australian owned company with Australian made products was key in his choice of Para Mobility’s high-quality disability pool hoists.

Josh notes “It’s not just the Australian manufactured products that are important, it’s the ability to have local teams accessible for installation and servicing of disability equipment to ensure safety for the users of the equipment that is often in fairly harsh aquatic environments and are maintained to the highest quality to reflect our quality reputation and brand”

Dean Willemsen, Managing Director of DNW Group, notes “The Assistive Technology we manufacture at Para Mobility is specifically designed to support diversely abled people across Australia to access work, health and leisure opportunities that many of us that are able-bodied often take for granted”.  

Para Mobility is passionate about supporting consumers in their own home or community also, enabling people to take a dip in a pool or spa mostly unassisted, take advantage of the feeling of the waves at the beach, being able to access bathroom facilities in a shopping centre or at the movies or getting in and out of the front seat of their own car.

Along with Developers, Architects, Insurers, Occupational Therapists and other clinicians, Access Consultants, pool builders, project managers, government representatives or those who are seeking to lead the way in accessibility and inclusivity, universal design and livable housing design principles seek out Para Mobility products for their projects and to benefit the customers. 

If you have a commercial or consumer enquiry please don’t hesitate to get in touch with DNW Group or Para Mobility team on: 
Phone: 1300 444 600
Twitter: @ParaMobility

Left to right: Para Mobility: Craig Slattery, Sarah Whiddon, David Donaldson, Sally Farrow DNW Group: Kevin Reinert, Jessica Hirst

Left to right: Para Mobility: Craig Slattery, Sarah Whiddon, David Donaldson, Sally Farrow DNW Group: Kevin Reinert, Jessica Hirst