Disability Sports Australia and NT Government Announce Disability Sports Northern Territory

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Disability Sports Australia (DSA) is proud to announce the planned opening of its Northern Territory Branch in late 2019. Thanks to a partnership with, and generous support from, the NT Government, Disability Sports Northern Territory will help Territorians with a physical disability be more active more often. Through partnering with local, territory and national organisations, Disability Sports Australia helps expand the range of sport and active recreation opportunities for people with a physical disability, to build capacity and engagement across the sport, health and disability sector. This fosters collaboration to help connect people with a disability to sport and active recreation opportunities.

“Playing sport and being active is such a huge part of Australian life, yet people with a disability are far less active than their able-bodied peers,” DSA CEO Jenni Cole said. “We see a tremendous opportunity to partner with sport, active recreation, disability and health organisations in the NT to ensure we are all working together to help people with a disability find and connect with sport and active recreation programs that suit them. We are currently recruiting for a Sport Coordinator for Disability Sports Northern Territory, and look forward to working locally with partner organisations to ensure that what we deliver in the NT arises from local knowledge, and to meet locally identified needs, while bringing some of the learnings and resources from the nation as a whole to complement this.”

“Sport is incredibly important not only for good physical health but also mental wellbeing,” Shane McCorkell, Director Governance and Sector Management, Sport and Active Recreation, NT Government said. “Sport is a very social activity, and being involved in teams, clubs and recreational groups can provide benefits that reach further than just improved fitness levels. Sport is integral to the Territory way of life, and funding this role means there will be a person dedicated to helping more Territorians with a physical disability take part in sporting activities and be a part of the sporting community.”

To learn more about the Sport Coordinator position or to apply for the role click here. Applications close 2 October 2019.

For all inquiries please contact:

DSA CEO via: joanne@sports.org.au

DSA GM Sport: kelsey@sports.org.au