IPC Athletes' Council publishes first strategy

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletes’ Council has published its first strategy which aims to place athletes firmly at the heart of the Paralympic Movement.

After taking two years to consult with athlete representatives and stakeholders across the Paralympic Movement, the Athletes’ Council’s first strategy aims to act as a guide to both athletes and the IPC membership as to how the IPC Athletes’ Council can build athlete leaders and ensure that the athlete’s remain at the centre of the Paralympic Movement.

As IPC President Andrew Parsons highlights, “this is an athlete generated plan for the whole Paralympic Movement and I sincerely hope all athletes and IPC members will utilise it as a guide to make further progress.“

Athletes’ Council Chairperson, Chelsey Gotell, describes the strategy as about “fostering a culture within the Paralympic Movement that lives the values of being athlete-centred. It goes far beyond words on paper and the use of the term “athlete-centred“ as a buzz world that, at time, is thrown around but not well understood or fostered among athletes and within organisations.“

“At the heart“ outlines four key strategic priorities:

  1. Building athlete leaders

  2. Supporting athletes’ careers

  3. Guiding the progression of the Paralympic Movement

  4. Enhancing the unique sporting environment of Paralympic athletes

The Athletes’ Council Strategy “At the heart“ can be found here and for more information about the announcement, please click here!

The IPC Athletes’ Council in Bonn (Photo credit to the IPC)

The IPC Athletes’ Council in Bonn (Photo credit to the IPC)

The IPC Athletes Council is an engaged group of current and retired Paralympians who are passionate about rep[resenting all international Para-athletes at the highest level of the Paralympic Movement and supporting them on and off the field of play. For more information about the Athletes’ Council, please click here!