Do you use a mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair?

Following a campaign by NSW Senator John Williams and the National Party, the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport is undertaking an Inquiry on the need for regulation of mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs.
The National Party have proposed new regulations that could see the speed of mobility devices, including power wheelchairs limited to 6km per hour and 150kg in weight. PDCN is concerned that these regulations will negatively impact our members and will hinder the movement of people with disabilities in the community. The inquiry will examine the cause and number of deaths and injuries attributed to accidents involving mobility scooters in Australia since their introduction, and current regulations governing their use throughout Australia.

These restrictions could have a negative impact on:

  • The choice of devices and features available to you including sit-to-stand, power lift and power recline. 
  • Your ability to travel long distances due to reduced battery life when the capacity of your motor is restricted. 
  • Legal implications if you were to have an accident and injure someone while on your mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair.

As part of our submission, PDCN would like to speak to mobility scooter or power wheelchair users. We would love to know what the introduction of restrictions on motorised mobility devices would mean for you and your ability to live independently.

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