Disability Sports Australia has two major awards the Sir Ludwig Guttmann Award and the Lord's Taverners Award.

The Lord's Taverners Award was established in 1985 in recognition of individuals who make a significant contribution to Junior Wheelchair Sport in Australia. The Lord’s Taverners Award was first presented in Melbourne at the third National Junior Wheelchair Games by the then President Frank Tyson, a former fast bowler who represented England for many years:

Past Recipients:

1985:Kevin Bawden 1987:Yvonne Talbott
1989:Frank Ponta 1991:Sally Salotti
1993:Anne Marsh 1995:Laurie Salotti
1997:Anne Marsh 1999:Bernie Foley
2001:Yvonne Talbott 2003:Linda Ross
2005:Evan Bennett 2007:Marg Angel
2009:Wayne Robins 2011:Des Doherty & Darren Pickering

The Sir Ludwig Guttman Award was established in 1981 by the then Australian Wheelchair Sports Federation, in recognition of the founder of Wheelchair Sport, to provide a means of recognition of individuals who make significant contribution to wheelchair sport in Australia.

Past Recipients:

1981:Kevin Betts 1984:Frank Ponta
1986:Kevin Bawden 1988:Kevin Coombs
1990:George Dunstan 1992:Dr John Grant
1994:Richard Oliver 1996:Dr John Bourke
1998:Don Perriman 2003:Norma Beer
2006:Michael Godfrey-Roberts 2008:Max Kelleher
2010:Graeme Watts 2012:Darryl Wingard